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Let yourself learn as you go.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the World’s Best In Comedy

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Early on I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. As a young man growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - my folks were into the network marketing; and my Dad moonlighted as a handyman. So, I saw the value of having your own business; especially after working as a stock clerk at Kiddie City Toy Store. I quickly realize that if I was going to work hard for someone, I'd rather work hard for myself. Upon graduating from high school, off to college I went, Lehigh University, to start my journey of self-discovery. I initially thought I wanted to be a corporate lawyer, which I definitely had the talent for; but after speaking with my law professor, I soon realized that it wasn't part of my DNA! He told me I was “Too nice to be a corporate lawyer... You'd have to become more cut-throat, and that its just not who you are." Which I couldn't deny, he was right. So, there I was with my Pre-Law degree, and my dream of becoming a corporate lawyer becoming more and more of a dream. After having a talk with my best friend's Dad... he suggested I go into sales... Now that was something I hadn't really considered. Then, after doing some homework, I decided to become an insurance agent; thus starting my journey as an entrepreneur. Early on, I quickly realize it wasn't easy profession, there weren't a ton of people banging down my door to buy insurance. But, after learning my way through trial and error, I was able to build a successful business. Which led me into network marketing. I was already working for myself, and it made sense for me to create another stream of residual income. But, once again, I soon realized that there weren't a lot of people looking to join my opportunity. After experiencing yet another learning curve as I tried and tried, I finally found the opportunity that best fit me, and what I was about. Empower Network, along with the Traffic Authority System have provided me the tools & knowledge to create a successful home based business! Not only do I have a thriving insurance business, but now my home business is thriving too! They both keep me quite busy, and I enjoy the many people I've helped along the way. Many of my clients have become friends, and my “tribe” is like my second Family! My future goals are to continue to help as many people as I can to break free from “the Matrix” and experience what it truly means to be FREE! I want to grow this as big as I can and pass on to my future generations. So, they to will have the ability to do what they want, when they want, and how the want! To YOUR Success, - Derek

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